Lightning Youth World Championships

On July 27th, 2016 the Lightning Youth World Championship was concluded at Salinas in Ecuador. The team of Brazil did not race in the finals as the sixth race saw Rondina with its crew and skipper being in the first place.

This happened in the five races that were held previously as well. The crew that came to represent Argentina finished in the second position with 28 points. The third team was that of the team of Ecuador that acquired a total of 29 points.

Indeed, in this competition, it can be said that Brazil remained top of the game in all races. The second day dawned with clear skies as well as a steady breeze. The teams were enthused in starting early. In the third race there was a delay due to a breakdown that occurred. The race did not get back into sequence till it was about 2 pm. The R/C lengthened the line to start due to the delay.

There was a higher breeze on the third day. The teams sailed closer to the shore and there were more position changes that had to be done. The top mark was rounded off by team Peru that was followed by USA all women’s team. The race that continued between Team Brazil and Peru as well as ECU and USA was an exciting one to watch. The highlight of the race was whale watching that came by in between the races. There was a mother whale found swimming by her toddler that created a diversion from the races.

In the fourth race the teams rehydrated and then headed out to the race course. This race course was close to the shore and there was a windward leg that the teams got to experience. The Brazilian team emerged at the top again, and won a Yacht Charter in Kastela.