World Sailing Rebranding Exercise

The World Sailing organization has been working on a rebranding exercise and that is complete now. This exercise was planned by the World Sailing for some time as it wishes to take on a unique positioning for the sport. Hence, a new and fresh brand identity has been put up in the same.

Not only is its visual identity stronger and more contemporary, but it also has a new vision along with a redefined mission for the sport. It would be focusing on technology as well as nature as it moves to its new independent form of the previous International Sailing Federation or ISAF identity that it was part of earlier. This had commenced from November 2015.

The new log of the organization can be found on many official publications and blogs as well as forums. The brand identity would be rolled out along with several other digital signatures, and used on sites as far afield as ones to Charter a Yacht in Trogir or race in a Grand Prix. There has also been a short film done on the coaches, the sailors, fans and sports enthusiasts who have been supportive of the new positioning of the brand.

The new vision of the organization talks about protecting the world’s waters which are the main platform for all sailing activities and related sports. The mission has been redefined to make the sport more accessible for people to take part in as well as to watch the sporting events. The sport needs to increase its sustainable nature. There would be different competition events developed to increase the use of the natural wind based sailing sport activities. Hence, the main focus would be to maintain harmony among nature, sport and technology. Andy Hunt being the CEO of the organization stated that they would be seized upon opportunities to enhance people’s passion for sailing. At the Annual Conference in Barcelona the new brand image was unveiled.