Third Round Of Sailing Arabia

The EFG sailing Arabia is greatly welcomed with good weather conditions.

The strong fleet of both amateur and professional crews was off to Abu Dhabi from Khasab with brighter skies and winds around 20 knots. The best part is that the stage is representing the biggest challenge of the fleet to date. The longest stretch of UAE coastline as well as Omani to be navigated is added with fishing boats.

The upcoming leg will indeed be challenging due to the fishing boats of both places as per Fahad Al Hasni, the Omani sailor. He is a skipper of the Team Renaissance.

During sailing, the fishermen want you to get off their way and although the team tries to avoid such situations. The moment they see the fishing boats, they get prepared with head torches, goggles and knives so as to escape from their nets if need be.

The team started the leg in 2nd place on the whole with 2 points behind all leaders. However, they were ahead by half a point from their rivals Almouj Muscat. Soon after the knockout of the leg 2 top spot just a few miles from the finishing line with EFG Bank, the Almouj Muscat team was motivated to reach the top of the podium in Leg 3. The 2nd one was a good outcome in Leg 2. However, the skipper said that they were a bit taken aback when they could not win. Well, they are highly determined now for Leg 3. They have a good team and will achieve victory as a team as per the skipper of Almouj Muscat. The fleet will now monitor their way before the wind may start to drop at night. The 3rd Leg will be an interesting competition to watch. And, all the participants have a common hope which is to win.