Sailor asks to bring back Ceramco

Ceramco, one of Sir Peter Blake’s vessels, has been kept for auction in Florida, and there is a call in New Zealand for a purchaser who would bring her back home. The vessel was made by Bruce Farr and in the 1981-1982 Whitbread Round the World Race; it was popularly sailed by Sir Peter. The yacht, marooned in Miami, is listed on an auction site that says that the present bid of US$ 92000 does not meet the reserve price.

Nathan Laurie, the Auckland sailing coach, has sent a message to ONE News on Facebook stating that Ceramco is a great part of the sailing history of New Zealand and it would be really great to find someone able to bring it back to New Zealand.

Mr Laurie told Greece Yacht Charters that the New Zealand Yachting Trust is very keen but lacking the pockets that is really necessary to purchase/restore/maintain it. Mr Laurie has penned on website Live Sail Die remembering that in Whitbread Race, Ceramco went on to break her rig and also to lose to eventual race champ Flyer.

In the past, Ceramco has also been the winner of the Sydney to Hobart race, winning on both line as well as handicap in the year 1980 before setting off on her ill-fated race across the world, Mr Laurie writes. He tells that the vessel resurfaced in the year 2013, taking part in Rolex Big Boat Series, where the whole crew paid their homage to Sir Peter Blake.