3 thoughts on “Sailing lesson – The Nautical Slide Rule

  1. By the time all the gadgets are purchased to do all this sailing you’ll be
    so busy working your buns off to pay for it all that sailing will be the
    last thing on your mind.
    And as MamalianMushroom indicated if you can’t work that out on paper or in
    your head…you have serious issues.

  2. Yup – you’re right – some people can work this out in their head. For those
    who can’t or want confirmation of their calc this is a decent way of doing
    it. Of course a calculator will do it to – what ever – we’re just
    presenting a solution and helping those who want to be helped. Thanks for
    your comment. Of course if the head gets it wrong and it causes a crash –
    the officers might say more than discuss being dumb. Good discussion topic!

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