20 thoughts on “Sailing – Virtual Beginners Course Tutorial

  1. Good info, also think the robotic delivery detracts from it though.
    Perhaps future technology will improve on the stiff-sounding speech.

  2. nice you kept it short and simple! at 1.12-1.14 min it seems to hang and
    repeat itself…..keep on posting

  3. The keel keeps the boat from “sliding” with the wind. When weighted, it
    provides a counterbalancing righting force when the boat heels.

  4. the keel is to stop the boat from capsideing you idiot no to help
    capsideing it

  5. @Pooshooter5k oh i get it now so if there was no keel the boat would just
    move with the wind and the keel stops that and in doing so it makes the
    boat heel over becuse of the side ways force on the keel?

  6. Lots of great information here. Seriously. The format isin’t the easyest,
    however once you get past that, you learn a lot, or at least I did.

  7. @jellybean3264 The keel on a sail boat has the primary function of creating
    sidways drag in the water to counter the sideways frce of the wind blowing
    on the sails. This stops the boat from just moving with the wind. Some but
    not all keels on sailboats are weighted to im prove stability but this is a
    secondary function and not found on all sailboats. because the sail is on
    top and the wind is pushing on it to the side and the keel is on bottom and
    is resisting the push ofthe wind the boat leans.

  8. thanks but i can never remember all that terminology when i am drunk on the
    water. i just say righ, left, front and back when i am driving.

  9. This isn’t a 420, which is what I’m learning to sail, but the info is good

  10. your intentions with this are good but to be honest, that narration makes
    it fairly impossible to watch.

  11. you are some soft ass crybabies here.. it looks like the comment was
    removed by the author. you softies have no idea what was said. go and fetch
    a tissue real quick and complain about someone else on another video. got
    an issue, heres ya tissue.

  12. So much good info here. Too bad it is narrated by Stephen Hawking.

  13. THANK YOU so much for making this. This is exactly what i needed. I don’t
    care if the voice is a computer. The animations make it easy to follow. I’m
    planning to get a sunfish to practice on soon so this is great.

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