25 thoughts on “Sailing Lessons: The basics (part 1)

  1. One small error: When Matt defines Freeboard, he refers correctly to the
    Waterline. But when he gets to Waterline LENGTH (LWL), he misdefines it as
    freeboard (distance from deck to water). Half of these terms are more
    interesting to a sailing geek like me than a first-day student, IMO.

  2. This is the coughing sound effect. It plays randomly over a period of 9 and
    a half minutes.

  3. Excellent reminder of what its all about.Thank You. It wasn’t the cough
    that was a problem it was how close he was to the microphone. Those were
    loud dynamics.

  4. Question Does Ku Sailing have a facebook page or a twitter? & is the club
    still going?
    John T 

  5. Great job Mr. Cross. The only thing you did not do is throw the sick guy
    out of your class. I hate him

  6. Thank you for this good sir. I’m going to work on a sailboat for the first
    time this summer, and I want to study up before the season begins. Taking
    notes while watching this! Just like a real course. Cheers!

  7. Excellent set of talks for starting sailing. All necessary info with no
    extraneous crap. All applicable to cruising, racing or pottering about,
    Whether dinghy or megayacht. If this could be professionally filmed with
    the same guy presenting to the camera, instead of a noisy audience (&
    ideally translated to English) then I would want to give a copy of all the
    newbie sailors before they first get on a boat. All they will then need is
    practical experience. Thanks, mate.

  8. You can sail anywhere as long as it is a lake. There are tons of available
    lakes within a short drive of pretty much any part of kansas. Even if you
    dont live near a lake or ocean, it is still a good thing to learn for the

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