25 thoughts on “Paul Gilbert Rusty Old Boat Lesson

  1. I think Paul most have the most clean and effective technique among all
    these virtuosos. It’s even nice to look at, for all you dickheads im not

  2. jeah – i see you & alot of newbies feel that way, Don’t get me wrong Paul
    is incredible! but you can’t learn Guiatr just by watching him. he’ll play
    pentotonics & it seems easy But hell play them at Lightning speed. hard to
    learn to play that fast, you cant “learn it” you have to Grow into it to
    increase speed. theres already alot of Shredders out there now wanting to
    be the “fastest”

  3. @trinoply Yeah, I get you. Personally I find the Air Norton’s give you alot
    of tonal variation, esp. With lead playing. Tone and volume control with
    them gives you alot of expressive power. Have you considered maybe using
    Steve Vai’s Evolution pickups?

  4. @YummyBananaFish PAF-Pro. Obliviateable had it right. PG has been using
    PAF-Pro’s since the late 80’s in most of his PGMs. This is a custom PGM900
    series, with only two pickups and no Floyd. He only recently began using
    the DiMarzio Air Classic series in his PGM401 (Brown Sunburst finish) and
    his Fireman FRM2 (Two Humbucker, Clear finish Cherry Top). Not to be
    confused with his FRM1 and his new Production line PGFRM, which features
    DiMarzio Area ’67 single coil pups. Cheers 🙂

  5. @trinoply More than likely, however if there’s a denomination between the
    pickups, like a model voiced specifically for the neck, then he’s likely
    using that, otherwise, they’re the same pickups.

  6. I’m cursed, I can’t play the part 0:36 ’cause I’m small and my fingers
    don’t get from 10-17, saddly it’s my favorite song of Gilbert T_T

  7. @shreddybits Yeah, i’ve been thinking about the Evos, I had the choice
    between them and the TZs, but I dunno, I think if I get a guitar more
    suited all around for shred, i’d throw them in.

  8. Man, the main riff is a PERFECT example of playing with your fucking heart.
    100% feeling man, love it.

  9. I find that Paul’s tuition DVD’s re the best, he is an amazing teacher, and
    he can explain stuff really well, I have a bunch of tuition videos from
    Yngwie, John Petrucci, Paul Gilbert, Michael Romeo, and a few others, and
    Paul’s are the best, I have learnt more from his ones than any other videos
    that I have, Yngwie’s are the worst, he doesn’t explain very well at all,
    he just plays the licks fast, and expects you to be able to play it just
    like that!!!

  10. He is so happy explaining how to play his music and all his tricky music
    phrases. It’s amazing. GO PAUL !!!! ))

  11. alright thanx, cus i hate when ppl are like.. ok just do this simple lick.,
    but first lets light our hands on fire, they do it so dam fast and it makes
    ppl like me feel bad for not being that good. and they say its eazy

  12. with paul gilbert I don´t need a teacher. I learned it all directly from
    the man himself and now it´s up to me to put as much effort into it as
    necessary to become a beast like he is

  13. @Vilvago Jus tap it. The tapped tabs are (All on E)
    —14—10—14–10–8–10–14– You play the riff ^ twice, then on the
    thrid and 4th, replace the 14 with 15 and repeat the riff with the 15 Then
    you do the same riff again tapping 17. and you do that twice, ending with a
    big bend on 17. Tell me if it helps you play it.

  14. @shreddybits I love the tonezone. I have one in my bridge. Is he using tone
    zones in the bridge and neck together?

  15. @YummyBananaFish They could be Air Classics, but a PAF-PRO could have been
    in the guitar too.

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