Sailing Credentials of a Student Found Fake

As the admissions for this academic year was concluded in most universities, a student applicant at Stanford, who initially was granted admission, was later denied the same on the basis of sailing credentials that were falsified.

Till now this kind of instance has not taken place when an admissions scandal has been found for this prestigious university. A female student was given admission on application but later rescinded as the student’s application was found to relate to a bribery scandal. The announcement was made on Tuesday. This student had fabricated credentials related to sailing skills and achievements in her college application. This is enough grounds for the student to be expelled. She had initially gained acceptance by standard procedures and not under athletic category. However, after her admission, there was a contribution made to the sailing program of the college to the amount of $500,000. It was facilitated by John Vandemoer, a former head coach who was fired on charges of having accepted donations. He has been found guilty of providing recommendations that non-sailors can be recruited as athletes.

This particular student, who has been removed from Stanford’s campus and credits have been removed from the University. She has been expelled after four days of the new session commenced. Admission statistics are not released by the University but there was a statement issued by the president stating that members of the applicant pool of class 2023 and other enrolled students are not found associated with this scandal. It is one of the largest cases of this kind that was prosecuted by the Department of Justice.

What was found a multi-million dollar scam scheme and that was being facilitated by William Rick Singer, founder of Key Worldwide Foundation. He has been found guilty of several charges that include Bay Area patents and charges to parents for whom he helped to inflate standard test scores.

There Is No America’s Cup For The Team France

Sailing Team France is young, it was created in 2013December and it was built to take part in the 35th America’s Cup which held in Bermuda. The team has recently announced that the team is lacking the funds and has not enough money to challenge again for the upcoming America’s Cup 2021edition.

Frank Cammas, the skipper of the 2017 cup said, “Muchwork has to be done in France in order to convince the people associated with the sailing team and are decision makers that the America’s Cup trophy is not like a usual championship. They have to be convinced that this is the most reputed championships in the sailing world and its regattas witnesses massive audience. This is a big opportunity to highlight the performance of sports as well as the expertise of French technology.”

The project of Team France is a big and long-term project. Therefore, it will take its mission that was defined at the launch ofthe team with the “Filières d’Excellence” creation. The aim is to promote and develop excellence of France in the area of sports and technology. The objective is also to triumph the international sailing competitions (ISC) in the crew and this includes upcoming America’s Cup.

Cammas further added that “The knowledge and experience team has gathered during the 35th edition of AC has built a solid foundation.The TEAM FRANCE is relying on the same for the preparation of its participation in the 37th edition of America’s Cup as well as to bring the best technical and sporting skills in order to be prepared in early 2021. The aim is to make the team strong in all its skill so that it can give tough competition to sailors participating in the event from all over the world.”

Newport City Council (NCC) All Set To Vote For Hall Of Fame

The long time awaited the vote of the City Council on whether the city should sell the Armory on Thames Street to the National Sailing Hall of Fame has been scheduled and it will finally take place on 25th of July 2018, according to Winthrop.

“I believe this is a great opportunity for the city as it will have a second hall of fame located here. The city already has International Tennis Hall of Fame present here,” Winthrop said.

Different Wins In World Cup Japan

The World Cup Series that is ensuing in Japan had exciting finishes where the Brits took the gold position while there were several other surprising achievements in the different categories. Among the women contestants Maria Branz and Victoria Travascio from Argentina were able to gain the gold position as they moved up from the position for bronze. They confessed that it had been stressful as the team did not have math or point calculations that usually help in strategizing. However the team had been able to perform well when the last race had been held and they wanted to ensure that they were able to repeat it again.


Behind the Argentinian team was the AUT team who picked up the silver medal. The Japan team for women had a four point lead when they headed into the final lap, but they finished only in the bronze position. The Medal Race was single and double pointed for women in the RS: X category. The day in Gamagori was characterized by light rain and the fleet sailed in a tight position. Chan from Hong Kong was sailing despite having suffered an injury and was able to land the gold.

Chan admitted that the injury was on her legs and hip region, which made it difficult to walk, but even then she played to her strengths and was able to complete the race which was with a smaller fleet that what is usually standard in most races. There were other races of the non Medal category, such as the two person dinghy for men and women and the one person dinghy in the Laser Radial and Laser categories. Tom Burton was one of the top three in the Men’s Laser category who was a gold medalist in Rio Olympics 2016.